There was once a weary traveler in search of a place to call home. Through a rain shadow they sailed, to a land carved by ancient ice. With saltwater bays and shores of sand and stone. Where the mountains whisper to the clouds and the forests gleam ever green. Tethering the boat to the Golden Cleat, the traveler stepped onto the shore and with that step, one chapter ended and another began.

Hungry from the journey, the traveler went in search of food. They soon came upon a Sunlit Cove, and a spotted otter basking in the sun. “Join me” the otter said, plucking an oyster from the sea and delighting in its fresh flavor. “Take a break and enjoy the simple pleasures.” And so the traveler did. As the sun began to set, the traveler went in search of warmth. Deep in the forest, they saw a flickering light. They walked toward it and soon heard rumblings from beyond the thicket, of laughter and music and a crackling fire. As they entered the glen, they discovered a stone hearth. Gathered around it were woodland creatures and villagers; sharing tall tales, reveling and rejoicing. “Join us” they said. “This is the Hidden Hearth and everyone’s welcome here.” And so the traveler did.

When it was time to sleep, the traveler’s new friends knew just where to go. “Follow us back to the shore,” they said, “to a cozy spot where the trees grow high and the ground is blanketed in soft grass. We’ll take you to Mossy Hollow. There, dear traveler, you will find comfort. There, you can rest your head.” And so the traveler did.

As the sun rose on a new day, the traveler woke to see the light stretch across the land. “This is where I want to stay” the traveler said. And so, the traveler traveled no more. For they had found the place they wanted to call home. The shore to which their tether is tied. And as they began to build a life for themselves, a Shoresmith they became.

The Shoresmith knew there were others out there, so they found parchment and pen, and began writing their story. Every moment of discovery, every character they met along the way. Into a bottle the Shoresmith stuffed the parchment, sending it back out to sea in search of Shoresmiths alike. “Join me” they wrote. “Come to this plentiful shore. Escape the chaos of the open sea and find solace in this wondrous place. Read my story, then come here and write your own.” And so they did.

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